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The benefits and physical effects of sports massage


 Sports Massage

Portchester, Fareham, Portsmouth


Physical effects of sports massage


Stretches the soft tissues - the elastic nature and flexibility of muscle can be safely lengthened using specific massage techniques.


Relief of muscle tension - specific stroking techniques used in sports massage trigger a positive response in the nerve fibres near the skin surface - this relieves tension.


Improves flexibility of the muscles - studies have shown that massage aimed at muscle relaxation can increase mobility of the underlying joint


Reduces muscle spasm - muscle spasm is an extreme level of tension in a muscle and is usually brought about by the body's protective mechanism resulting from pain.  Even in extreme levels of tension, massage can relax the muscle and increase mobility.


Improves the formation of scar tissue - massage techniques that introduce pressure across to separate muscle fibres. This may have been caused as a result of strain or minor tear


Reduces swelling - an increase in the movement and temperature will increase lymph flow leading to the fluids responsible for the swelling, being reabsorbed.


Physiological effects of sports massage


Increases blood flow and lymph flow - blood circulation in the area being massaged is improved. This is caused by a widening of the blood vessels and the flow of lymph.  This may be particularly useful for individuals following a fracture or surgery in the recovery phase and getting back to normal.


Increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissue - with an increase in blood flow comes an increase in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.


Removes waste products -  Increased lymph flow removes waste products from the muscles, enhancing recovery and muscle function


Relieves pain - the action of massaging has an immediate reflex reaction in stimulating receptors carrying pain impulses and is able to block the transmission of pain to the brain.


Stimulates the nervous system - it is generally accepted that massage has a number of effects on the nervous system stimulating the blood vessels, temperature which in turn brings about muscle elasticity and delivers oxygen and nutrients as described above


The psychological effects of sports massage


Relieves tension and anxiety - massage in the main is a pleasant experience will you to be in a more relaxed state of mind.  This relaxed mental state doubles in the ability to then enhance the relaxation of the muscles being treated.


Pain relief - massage may be used for pain relief as described above in the stimulation of pain receptors which produces a block in the transmission of pain to the brain.


Stimulates physical activity - just as massage is able to bring about a relaxed state, the intensity and pace of the massage is also able to awaken muscles and encourage physical activity i.e. pre competition massage. 


It a sports massage comfortable?

Due to the nature of the sports massage treatment, there will be some areas of the muscle and soft tissues that will be tender and sore during treatment.  During treatment, I will encourage you to provide feedback at all times to ensure any discomfort is absolutely minimised.


The primary goal is to minimise any soreness and accurately identify and effectively treat the injured tissue.  Depending on the nature of treatment, I will not necessarily suggest that you cease any physical activity but I may ask that you modify certain activities to support the recovery phase.


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