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The benefits of
sports massage

Sports Massage

Portchester, Fareham, Portsmouth


Sports massage treatment is for everyone and anyone. You do not specifically need to be involved in sports or have a muscle injury to benefit from massage. 


A massage such as a back massage is of benefit all of us and people finding benefit come from a wide variety of backgrounds from office work places, trades and factory environments.


Why is massage beneficial to the body?

Sports massage promarily provides relief of muscle tension in the body. The specific muscles that will be tight or have knots in will depend on your particular work loads and life style postures that are repeated hundreds of times per day and result in muscle overload.


In general, the benefit from massage will be felt immediately and will remain long after the treatment. Depending on you specifically many patients find more benefit in following on there treatments especially if they have had the  pain for a while and there is a more underlying reason for the initial pain.


Many patients are aware that muscle groups become tense again due to physical loading through repetitive static postures (sitting at a desk), lifting and moving hundreds of times a day. Many patients return for regular massage and find this very beneficial in relieving the background muscle tension and prevention of painful events in the future.


Sports massage for sports!

Whilst massage treatment is applicable to everyone, sports massage can also be of immense benefit to anyone involved in sports. It will aid in the recovery of injured muscles including calf and neck muscle injuries, whilst also correcting muscle imbalances to reduce the possibility re-injury. 


The application of sports massage prior to and following physical activity/ exercise can enhance performance, aid recovery and help prevent injuries enabling you to continue with your training and improve your performance.


Sports massage benefits


Stretches the soft tissues - the elastic nature and flexibility of muscle can be safely lengthened using specific massage techniques.


Relief of muscle tension - specific stroking techniques used in sports massage trigger a positive response in the nerve fibres near the skin surface - this relieves tension.


Improves flexibility of the muscles - studies have shown that massage aimed at muscle relaxation can increase mobility of the underlying joint


Reduces muscle spasm - muscle spasm is an extreme level of tension in a muscle and is usually brought about by the body's protective mechanism resulting from pain.  Even in extreme levels of tension, massage can relax the muscle and increase mobility.


Improves the formation of scar tissue - massage techniques that introduce pressure across to separate muscle fibres. This may have been caused as a result of strain or minor tear


Reduces swelling - an increase in the movement and temperature will increase lymph flow leading to the fluids responsible for the swelling, being reabsorbed.


Massage price


New patient appointment/ massage           - £40.00

One hour massage                                   - £40.00

30 minute massage                                  - £30.00


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