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Help for shoulder pain


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Do you have pain when putting your coat on? Have you been told that the pain is due to wear and tear in the shoulder joint? These are both very common to people who are experiencing discomfort and pain in one of their shoulders.  Many people take painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to help with the mobility of the injured shoulder.  Your shoulder is probably less painful when your arm is in the hanging position. Moving it upwards to shoulder height or above such as putting objects in cupboards can often cause acute pain.


Here at focusyourhealth, we can treat your shoulder pain and help to give you back pain-free movement in the shoulder.


What causes shoulder pain?

In most cases the pain and discomfort is due to the muscles surrounding the shoulder. These are known as the rotator-cuff muscles and they provide movement. The group of four muscles provides stability to the shoulder joint and can they can become inflamed and tender as a result of overreaching, stretching and an overload of these muscle groups.  


Natural wear and tear can also be a factor, but is something that can be effectively treated.


Tendonitis of the muscle

In most cases your pain/ discomfort will be as the result of tendonitis of the muscle groups. This can be effectively treated using physical therapy which will restore movement to the shoulder and remove the pain symptoms. 


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