Sciatica, back pain specialist, chiropractor
Sciatica, back pain specialist, chiropractor
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Your treatment plan - how many visits will I need?


Chiropractor & Sports Massage

Portchester, Fareham, Portsmouth


A typical course of treatment involves six to ten visits; however, this will depend on a number of individual factors such as:


  • your condition
  • its severity
  • how long you have had the condition
  • how you respond to treatment
  • how much of the chiropractor's advice you follow!


As part of your first examination and diagnosis, I will be able to determine how many more treatments are likely to be required to gain relief from your problem. This will depend on your condition and fulfilling the agreed treatment plan. I will also outline how I see you progressing.


Continual review

I will continually review your progress and following a discussion after each treatment, I will ask for your consent if the treatment plan changes.  In more severe cases, I may also discuss referral for further investigations or discussion with your General Practitioner if appropriate.


Contact focusyourhealth

If you would like to find out more about your treatment, please contact Warren at Focus Your Health on:

Tel: 023 93 233144
/ 07967 029263

or email:


Chiropractor  and sports massage therapy.  Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain relief in Portchester, Fareham, Portsmouth and surrounding areas in Hampshire.


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