Sciatica, back pain specialist, chiropractor
Sciatica, back pain specialist, chiropractor
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  Chiropractor / Physiotherapy / Sports Massage                                                                        Back pain relief02393 233144                                        Shoulder pain relief07967 029263                                           Aching muscles                                                                    Neck pain relief                                                                      Leg pain relief                                                                          Sciatica            

Your initial chiropractor visit and treatment


Chiropractor & Sports Massage

Portchester, Fareham, Portsmouth


Your first visit appointment will be a one hour and fifteen minutes. This will involve you completing a medical questionnaire and allow us a full hour to discuss and understand your problem and if appropriate, start your treatment plan.


During the chiropractic consultation, I will confirm details on your chiropractic questionnaire, full medical history and with your permission, undertake a thorough physical examination. 


What do I wear for my chiropractic appointment?

On your first appointment and subsequent chiropractic treatments, I will ask you to wear loose fitting clothes such as shorts or jogging bottoms to enable a discrete physical examination. 


What happens during the physical examination?

My primary aim is to find out exactly what is wrong and determine an effective chiropractic treatment plan to relieve your symptoms.


If appropriate, the examination will include neurological and orthopaedic tests and, if necessary, I may elect to send you for an X-ray or MRI investigation prior to your chiropractic treatment.  I will also check for indications of any conditions which you may need to bring to the attention of your general practitioner.


Treatment during your appointment

Depending on your diagnosis and individual treatment plan, I may manipulate parts of your spine or affected joints.  Manipulation involves the precise handling or moving of joints and parts of the spine.  Treatment may also include myofascial dry needling, which is also known as western acupuncture, trigger-point therapy and area-specific massage. I will also, as appropriate, give advice on exercise, self-help and lifestyle that will benefit you long term in managing any future symptoms.


Contact focusyourhealth

If you would like to find out more about the treatment of sciatica, neck, shoulder or back pain or sports massage, please contact Warren at focusyourhealth on:

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Chiropractor  and sports massage therapy.  Back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain relief in Portchester, Fareham, Portsmouth and surrounding areas in Hampshire.


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