Sciatica, back pain specialist, chiropractor
Sciatica, back pain specialist, chiropractor
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Relief of sciatica and leg pain


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What is sciatica?

The word sciatica (used to describe painful symptoms in the low back/ buttock region and/or down the leg) and lumbago (pain in the low back) are familiar to many of us and are most commonly caused through joints of the spine being injured in the low back and pelvis and may be due to wear and tear.


Your General Practitioner may have advised that the pain is due to wear and tear or an overloading injury and you may be taking painkillers and/ or anti-inflammatory medication to help manage your pain.


Reasons for sciatica

There may be many reasons for symptoms to occur and the cause can be precisely identified during a physical examination by your chiropractor. The diagnosis of sciatica or lumbago is often given to common non-specific lower back pain and can be effectively treated with chiropractic treatment.


Chiropractors and treating sciatica

Chiropractors are concerned with the bones and muscles that support the body. This is known as the 'musculoskeletal system'.  Problems and associated pain with the musculoskeletal system may have a variety of causes such as lifting accidents, DIY activities, gardening, road traffic accidents, stress, lack of exercise and repetitive poor posture resulting in sciatica.


These problems may, in turn, cause pressure on the nerves of the body and produce sciatica symptoms such as sharp or dull toothache type nerve pain, pins and needles and/or numbness in the buttock region and legs.


Chiropractors specialise in identifying and treating back pain and sciatica. Chiropractors provide effective relief for these symptoms in the short and long term and will also identify the source of the pain which will help in prevention of future painful episodes.


How long will my Chiropractic treatment be?

Whilst most patients will require a course of treatment to recover from their sciatica injury, the treatment duration will wholly depend on your individual circumstances.  Following your initial appointment we will be able to outline the treatment and its expected progression.


Some patients may choose to attend for ongoing care due to individual circumstances such as degenerative wear and tear. They will continue to benefit from the chiropractic treatment and this will be discussed during your treatment.


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