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Relief for neck pain


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The neck, or cervical spine as you will sometimes hear it referred to, has a significant amount of movement and supports the weight of the head.  However, due to its anatomy it is less well protected than other aspects of the spine and can be vulnerable to injury. This may cause pain and restrict the mobility of the neck.  This pain can be disabling in the short and long term due to the fact we naturally utilise the vast movement of the head and neck.


Joint and muscular neck injuries

For some people, injuries to the joints (vertebra) and muscles of the neck can produce symptoms into the upper back, shoulder and also into the arms.  The pain itself is often described as an ache or stabbing pain. It may be sharp or dull; defined or vague.  The intensity of pain may also vary considerably depending on the position of the neck and the movement the person is trying to perform.


How effective is chiropractic treatment for neck pain?

Despite the intensity of the pain rarely is the symptom serious and with the correct treatment we can fully resolve the symptoms and restore the normal active motion of the neck.  Chiropractors are professionally trained to correctly identify the specific injured joints and muscles and provide effective treatment for neck pain.


What treatments do Chiropractors use for neck pain?


Depending on your particular pain we may use a variety of different hands-on techniques to get you batter, these may include spinal manipulation, massage, dry needling (western style acupuncture) and rehabilitation exercises.


How safe is chiropractic treatment on the neck?

Although many people are initially wary of receiving chiropractic treatment for the neck, it is a safe treatment and effective treatment.  Whilst manipulation may be used, this is the only treatment that can be utilised to help with neck pain. If you do not want to receive manipulation of the neck as part of your treatment, then other methods can be used to relieve your neck pain.


Cost of Chiropratic treatment


Initial appointment and treatment - £45.00


Chiropractic treatment - £30.00



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