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Back pain relief

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It is estimated that eighty percent of the adult population will experience an episode of lower back pain during their life and is most commonly effectively treated by Chiropractic.  Chiopractors specialise in the treatment of back pain and when treated correctly can help clear your back pain and return you to normal daily activity and exercise.


Can Chiropractic help your back pain?


Chiropractic has been shown to be an effective treatment for short and long term lower back pain.  Short term back pain is defined as pain that has been present for up to a six week period, and long-term described as many months or possibly years.  Your back pain may be aching or sharp and may or may not move into other areas of the body.  These are all normal presentations for back pain and cen be helped with Chiropractic care.


Most of us have heard that Chiropractors use manipulation of the spine to treat back pain but chiropractors may also include specific massage and rehabilitation to treat not only your pain but treat the source and providing long term benefit to treatment.


Chiropractic manipulation iteslf is not painful however you may experience some pain through your treatment which will reduce as your joints an dmuscles heal and mobilty increases.


Lower back pain

Lower back and pelvic pain can be varied and may be felt as an ache, stabbing, burning, dull or sharp type of pain. It can be well defined or vague around the lower back, buttock region and/ or include a single leg or both legs.  The intensity of symptoms may also vary with various movement ranging from mild to severe and can fluctuate depending on the injury and the activity i.e. putting socks and shoes on or simply sitting. 


If you do injure your lower back and experience a period of back pain, it may also reduce your ability to complete normal daily activities but these can be helped by Chiropractic.


What causes back pain?

In a large percentage of cases, the episode of lower back pain is seemingly unrelated to a single specific activity and can be caused by repetitive poor habitual movement patterns, a strenuous activity, over-reaching or overloading the spine joints and muscles.


No matter what the exact cause, chiropractors are professionally trained to specifically identify the injured joint and muscles, understand the source and reason for your back pain and get you well again.


Daily activity to aid recovery of back pain

In addition to receiving chiropractic treatment for the injured joints and muscles you will be advised to continue with gentle daily activity.  Whilst it might at first seem counterintuitive to keep an injured joint mobile, the activity will help you recover. Gentle, general activities such as walking will calm inflammation and muscle spasms allowing increased mobility.


What to expect after a chiropractor treatment

After receiving a specific chiropractic treatment, it is quite normal that you may feel a little tender around the treated area and this will resolve within 12 to 24 hrs.


Recovery from a lower back injury usually takes a few weeks to a month. You will see a gradual reduction in the intensity of the symptoms and an improvement in mobility and flexibility.


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